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What inspires you to get up in the morning?

We are passionate about our industry, with big changes happening with one BIG one being we are now recognised at government level with our own industry "personal care" the industry needs more regulation and stop all the one day courses that then lead to accidents and injury. Hairdressing is NOT something you can just do, it has to be something you have a real feel & drive for. You can't just slap on a colour or cut hair any old way and hope for best..... if you do it will show in the finished result.
Hairdressing has become far more than what it ever used to be, it is a career, it ISN'T just for college drop outs (as it used to be seen) it takes real determination, perseverance passion, blood, sweat & tears to be a successful stylist. Hairdressing isn't for everyone, not everyone can deal with the public at such a close level. It can take years to build a client base and many drop out before they get to that level. The personal care sector contributes over 9 billion a year to the economy and employs over 250,000. The industry is flourishing and never been better but that can only happen in a successful business with a team all on the same page, all aiming to be the best stylist one can be.
Learning is something that never ends and mastering your skill to the next level.
Which is why we are investing in our team to keep on learning to bring YOU our client the best techniques and trends to the salon floor. Team Seven have already completed the post corona colour course by Sophia Hilton from the famous Not Nother Salon on Brick Lane London. Sophia is renowned for her expertise in crazy colour/balayage in her own salon aswell as teaching worldwide and winning multiple awards along the way. We are all enrolled on the next course which is all about crazy colour by Sophia....we are all very excited.
More to come in 2021